LinkedIn GPT Assistant by Dex

Dex is a personal CRM that helps users keep in touch, remember important details about their contacts, set reminders, and build stronger relationships. It integrates with LinkedIn, email, and other daily tools to provide a centralized platform for managing relationships.

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how to use:
To use Dex, start by connecting it to your LinkedIn and other sources to sync your contacts automatically. You can then add important details about each contact, such as how you met, education history, work information, important dates, family details, and more. Dex also allows you to set reminders to reach out to your contacts, ensuring you stay connected. You can access Dex through its browser extension, mobile app, or desktop app.
Core freatures:
Integration with LinkedIn and other sources to automatically sync contactsStorage of important details about contactsReminders to stay in touch with contactsBrowser extension for easy access and managing relationships in existing workflowMobile app for managing relationships on the goPrivacy-focused with no data selling and ability to export or delete data
Use case:

MBA students



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