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Meetz is an AI personal assistant and artificial intelligence scheduler that helps automate and streamline your meeting scheduling process. It offers personalized outreach, automated email generation, and appointment setting with its AI assistant, Laura.

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how to use:
To use Meetz, start by uploading your list of prospects and setting your preferred sales methodology and tone. Meetz will then generate personalized emails for each prospect based on their LinkedIn activity. Next, you can schedule demos and meetings with Laura, who will coordinate all the details with a white glove touch. Simply CC Laura in your email thread, and she will handle the scheduling flow in natural English. Meetz also offers follow-up reminders and multiple guest scheduling capabilities to ensure smooth and efficient communication. You can sign up for Meetz for free, and no credit card is required.
Core freatures:
Personalized outreach with automated email generationAI scheduler for one-on-one meetings with LauraReactive scheduling links for easy availability checkingFollow-up reminders to stay on top of schedulingAI NLP technology for natural language understanding and response
Use case:

Sales lead generation

Appointment booking

Meeting scheduling

CRM organization

FAQ list:
What is Meetz? How does Meetz work? What are the core features of Meetz? What are some common use cases for Meetz? What are the pricing plans for Meetz?


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