Finta is a platform that provides companies with secure and shareable deal rooms for fundraising. It offers a comprehensive solution for founders and investors to streamline the fundraising process.

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how to use:
To use Finta, founders can start by preparing their deal by uploading their pitch deck and identifying target investors. Finta’s CRM then allows founders to launch deal outreach and manage investor relations effectively. Investors can access the deal rooms privately, review the deal information, and make investments securely.
Core freatures:
Secure and shareable deal roomsAI-powered CRM for investor interactionsAutomated prospecting of investorsAbility to accept investments through ACH, check, or wireCap table managementVirtual data room for document sharing
Use case:

Streamlining the fundraising process

Building strong relationships with investors

Efficient investor prospecting

Managing investment funds securely

Organizing and tracking stakeholder information

Facilitating due diligence with a virtual data room

FAQ list:
What is Finta? How can I use Finta? What are the core features of Finta? What are the use cases of Finta?


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