Softr is a platform that allows users to build client portals and internal tools using data from Airtable or Google Sheets, without the need for coding. It offers pre-built blocks to quickly create functional components like lists, charts, forms, tables, and more. Users can easily connect to their own data sources, define permissions and access levels, and publish their apps on any device.

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how to use:
To use Softr, follow these steps:
1. Choose a template or start from scratch.
2. Drag and drop pre-built blocks to build your app’s functionality.
3. Connect to your data source, such as Airtable or Google Sheets.
4. Define permissions and access levels for users.
5. Publish your app with one click.
6. Collaborate with your team or clients by sharing the app.
7. Update and iterate quickly using the drag and drop interface.
8. Integrate with other tools in your workflow, such as Zapier, Google Analytics, Stripe, and more.
Core freatures:
Build client portals and internal toolsDrag and drop interfaceConnect to Airtable or Google Sheets dataPre-built blocks for common app componentsGranular permissions and access levelsPublish on any deviceShare and collaborate with team membersSeamless integration with other tools
Use case:

Client portals

Internal tools

CRM solutions

Inventory management

Team intranets

Online communities


Resource directories

Websites for companies and creators

FAQ list:
Can I use my own data from Airtable or Google Sheets? Can I define permissions and access levels for users? Can I integrate Softr with other tools in my workflow? Are there pre-built templates available? Can I collaborate with team members or clients?


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