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Neon AI is an easy-to-use conversational AI platform for businesses and homes. It offers various features such as voice assistants, voice privacy, chatbots, and more. It provides a full-featured platform for AI voice interactions and is backed by a full-service software development and support company. Explore the website to learn more about its capabilities and use cases.

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how to use:
To use Neon AI, you can start by downloading the open-source software for Mark II owners and developers from the website. For end users, you can purchase the Neon – Mycroft AI Mark II, which comes pre-installed with the advanced private personal assistant. You can also explore the demo videos and chatbots forum on the website to see the capabilities of Neon AI. If you are a developer, you can access the Neon AI SDK and documentation to develop custom voice user interfaces and skills. The website also provides resources for installation and integration with other tools.
Core freatures:
Private Personal AssistantVoice PrivacyChatbotsVoice User InterfacesSpeech to Text & Text to Speech (STT/TTS)TranslationNeon Nano for Website Designers
Use case:

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