AI Chat is a conversational AI platform that allows you to have personalized AI chatbot conversations right from your messages app. It eliminates the need to download apps, remember passwords, or manage API tokens.

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how to use:
To use AI Chat, simply sign up with your phone number and confirm your consent to receive text messages. Once set up, you can start texting your AI chatbot directly from your messages app. You can customize your bot’s personality, tone, and response style, and it even has long-term memory to remember previous conversations. You can also use commands like `/image` to generate images with AI. AI Chat makes it effortless and seamless to have friendly conversations, find encouragement, gain unbiased perspectives, get health and wellness information, enjoy bedtime stories, and discover life hacks.
Core freatures:
Personalized AI chatbot conversationsCustomizable bot personality, tone, and response styleLong-term memory for retaining conversation contextImage generation with AI using `/image` commandEffortless and seamless texting without internet accessProvides uplifting and encouraging messagesServes as an unbiased third party for opinions and adviceOffers health and wellness information and remindersProvides bedtime stories for childrenShares practical life hacks for everyday tasks
Use case:

Engaging in friendly conversations

Finding encouragement and motivation

Seeking non-judgmental opinions or advice

Getting health and wellness information

Enhancing bedtime routines with enchanting stories

Discovering practical life hacks for everyday tasks

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