GPT Assist

Chatotron is a Windows UI application that provides a user-friendly interface for ChatGPT, a powerful chatbot. With Chatotron, users can easily engage in conversations, ask questions, and personalize their chat experience.

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how to use:
To use Chatotron, simply download and install the application from the Windows app store. After installation, obtain an OpenAI API key, which can be generated on the OpenAI website. Copy and paste the API key into the Chatotron configuration window. Launch the application and use the customizable hotkeys to access the chat window. Organize your chats into groups, personalize conversations with different personalities, and embed documents and URLs for more interactive chats.
Core freatures:
Multi-language supportCustomizable hotkeysChat group organizationPersonalized chat experienceEmbedded document and URL interaction
Use case:

Efficient and personalized chats

Improved workflow and productivity

Organized and streamlined conversations

Interactive chats based on specific documents or URLs

FAQ list:


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