WTF AI is a website that leverages AI technology to handle the dumb things you say and do in life. It allows you to have fun by generating comebacks, offering terrible advice, explaining jokes, insulting in a compliment, helping you end boring conversations, and more.

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how to use:
To use WTF AI, simply visit the website and explore the available features. You can provoke the AI to generate comebacks by throwing insults at it. It can also provide terrible advice for various situations, such as texting your ex. If you feel dumb for not getting a joke, you can ask the AI to explain it to you. Additionally, it offers a perfect comeback for any a##h%e and helps you politely ask someone to f#@k off. You can also use it to end boring chats or even insult someone in a veiled compliment.
Core freatures:
Comeback generationTerrible advice for various situationsJoke explanationInsult in a complimentTips on how to end a conversationPolitely asking someone to f#@k off
Use case:

Having fun with comebacks and insults

Seeking terrible advice for entertainment

Explaining jokes to avoid feeling dumb

Dealing with a##h%es using perfect comebacks

Ending boring conversations

Politely asking someone to leave or f#@k off

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