Cerelyze-Location-in-New York-at-cerelyze.com

location:New York
website: https://cerelyze.com
Y Combinator LogoS23
Team Size: 1
Founded Date: 2023


We are building an AI powered platform for companies to discover, prototype and deploy cutting edge technical research, all from one place. We handle all the compute infrastructure so that developers can focus purely on R&D.

We do this by automatically converting research articles – the kind that are typically found on websites like arxiv – into ready to use jupyter notebooks and python code, and giving you a portal to search, deploy or build on top of that code.

With Cerelyze, getting a new technique from the latest research papers into a product becomes a matter of minutes, instead of weeks.

We want to fundamentally change the way technical research is consumed and reproduced in the industry, attacking the $10B+ capital that companies expend each year on R&D.

Our early users are already exploring use cases in fields such as machine learning, embedded systems programming, biotech and quantitative finance.


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