TeamStation AI

TeamStation is a Nearshore Software Development platform that allows companies to build, manage, scale, and pay top remote software engineering teams from Latin America. It leverages proprietary AI and Fintech technology to streamline the process of building and managing remote teams.

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how to use:
To use TeamStation, simply sign up for an account and access the platform. From there, you can browse and hire top Nearshore Software Engineering talent from countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Argentina. The platform provides tools for remote capacity planning and management, candidate sourcing automation, technical evaluations, onboarding process automation, team performance monitoring, international compensation and rewards management, as well as legal documentation management.
Core freatures:
Nearshore Staff AugmentationAI and Fintech-driven platformRemote capacity planning and managementCandidate sourcing automationTechnical evaluationsOnboarding process automationTeam performance monitoringInternational compensation and rewards managementLegal documentation management
Use case:

Building remote software engineering teams

Managing and scaling remote teams

Accessing top Nearshore IT talent

Reducing costs and mitigating risks

Improving efficiency and productivity

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