Takomo.ai is a no-code AI builder that allows users to easily create unique AI applications by drag, drop, and connecting pre-trained ML models. It enables users to generate an API for their pipeline in minutes, making it simple to integrate AI functionalities into their projects.

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how to use:
1. Create Pipeline: Start by connecting pre-trained ML models in a visual builder to create your own pipeline.
2. Preview Outputs: Run, test, and refine your pipeline by comparing outputs easily.
3. Deploy API: Generate multi-model APIs with a reliable cloud infrastructure to deploy your AI models.
Core freatures:
Drag, drop, and connect pre-trained ML modelsGenerate APIs for AI pipelinesCombine the best AI models in a visual builderSupport for image generation, text generation, speech generation, and moreAccess to stable diffusion, GPT, Whisper, Bark, Kandinsky, ControlNet, Real-ESRGAN, and GFPGAN modelsScalable and affordable pricingExpert support from ML engineers
Use case:

Create unique AI applications by combining the best AI models

Generate highly detailed images, conversational text, audio transcriptions, and speech from text

Alter and enhance images using natural language instructions

Guide image generation to specific areas using edge maps

Upscale and restore images without losing quality or detail

Enhance text prompts for more creative image generations

Optimize chatbots, analyze audio, summarize and classify text, and more

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