NocoAI is a No-Code and Serverless platform that allows users to easily build, manage, and deploy their GPT applications and models without any coding experience. It provides a simple UI interface to generate client or backend APIs, define prompt templates and variables, and create fine-tuned models.

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how to use:
To use NocoAI, simply sign up for an account and log in. Once logged in, you can start by defining prompt templates and variables using the Mustache template engine. These templates can be used as API parameters or for fine-tuning input models. You can also generate client or backend APIs for your defined templates and authorize them using your existing Firebase, Auth0, or Custom JWT Setup. NocoAI also allows you to control your OpenAI cost by adding request and user limits on every API. Additionally, you can analyze API usage and use that input to fine-tune your custom model. No coding experience is required to use NocoAI’s intuitive interface.
Core freatures:
No-Code and Serverless PlatformGenerate Client or Backend APIsDefine Prompt Templates and VariablesCreate Custom Fine-Tune ModelsControl OpenAI Cost with Request and User LimitsAPI Usage AnalysisMustache Template Engine
Use case:

Building and deploying GPT-3 applications

Generating APIs for prompt templates

Creating fine-tuned models without coding

Cost control and analysis for OpenAI usage

Collaboration among team members

FAQ list:


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