Sybill is an AI personal assistant designed for sales teams. It automates CRM updates, crafts follow-up emails, and provides insights from customer interactions. It can generate accurate and human-like call summaries, sync with CRM platforms, analyze participant body language during calls, and provide conversational AI for automatic call notes, sharing, and analytics.

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how to use:
To use Sybill, sales teams can sign up and integrate it with their preferred CRM platform. During sales calls or meetings, Sybill can join as a participant and analyze the conversation to generate call summaries, update the CRM, and provide follow-up email drafts. Users can access the generated summaries, CRM updates, and follow-up emails through email, Slack, or the CRM platform itself for easy visibility and collaboration.
Core freatures:
Automatic and accurate sales call summariesBehavior AI insights from participant body language during callsConversational AI for automatic call notes, sharing, and analyticsGenerate personalized follow-up email drafts based on call summariesSync with CRM platforms for seamless data integrationProvide objective forecasts and deal visibility in the CRMUnderstand buyer intent with engagement and sentiment dataCreate custom summaries tailored to sales, customer success, or product developmentCoach sales teams on winning behaviors based on metricsImprove sales messaging and identify areas of improvement
Use case:

Account Executives: Sybill helps account executives communicate better and close more deals with accurate call summaries, CRM updates, and follow-up email drafts.

Sales Leaders: Sybill provides sales leaders with holistic insights to coach their teams and manage deals effectively, including behavior AI insights, objective forecasts, and deal visibility.

FAQ list:
What kind of call summaries does Sybill generate? Can Sybill integrate with CRM platforms? Does Sybill analyze participant body language during calls? Can Sybill generate follow-up email drafts?


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