SnapGPT is a smart text recognition app that also functions as a friendly chatbot assistant. It allows users to easily extract text from images and documents, answer questions about the text using advanced GPT-3 technology, and provides features like text to image and speech to text capabilities for enhanced productivity.

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how to use:
To use SnapGPT, simply snap a photo of an image or document containing text. The app will extract the text from the image and provide it for further use. Users can also chat with the chatbot assistant for summaries, advice, and more. Additionally, the app offers text to image and speech to text capabilities to further enhance productivity.
Core freatures:
Image to text extractionText to image generationSpeech to text conversionChatbot assistant for summaries and advice
Use case:

Extracting text from images or documents

Generating images from text

Converting speech to text

Getting summaries or advice from the chatbot assistant

FAQ list:


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