Coverwraiter is an online platform that allows jobseekers to easily craft personalized cover letters tailored specifically to the job they are applying for. By simply providing a link to the job posting and selecting their relevant skills, users can generate a professionally-written cover letter in minutes.

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how to use:
1. Login to your Coverwraiter account or sign up for a free trial.2. Post a link to your dream job or copy and paste the entire job posting.3. Select the skills you possess that are relevant to the job.4. Watch as Coverwraiter automatically generates a polished cover letter highlighting your qualifications.5. Download the generated cover letter in Word format and customize it as needed before submission.
Core freatures:
Tailored cover letters that highlight skills and experiences for specific jobsTime-efficient generation of professionally-written cover lettersSeamless integration with LinkedIn job postingsAbility to download and customize cover letters in Word formatFree trial available to experience the platform firsthand
Use case:

Jobseekers who want to elevate their job application by submitting tailored cover letters

Individuals who struggle with writing compelling cover letters and want a convenient solution

Busy professionals who need to save time in the job application process

Applicants who want the flexibility to customize the generated cover letters before submission

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