Semantic Scholar

Semantic Scholar is a free, AI-powered research tool for scientific literature. It uses groundbreaking AI and engineering to understand the semantics of scientific literature, helping scholars discover relevant research.

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how to use:
To use Semantic Scholar, simply visit the website and enter your search query in the search form. You can search for specific papers, authors, or topics of interest. The tool will provide you with a list of relevant scientific papers from all fields of science. You can also explore the research publications, researchers, and resources available on the website.
Core freatures:
AI-powered search engine for scientific literatureAbility to search for specific papers, authors, or topicsAccess to a vast collection of scientific papers from all fields of scienceSemantic understanding of research publicationsAPI for developers to build scholarly appsSemantic Reader (beta) for augmented scientific reading
Use case:

Scholars looking for relevant research in their field

Authors conducting literature reviews for their research

Developers building scholarly apps or integrating research capabilities into their platforms

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