Rewind AI

Rewind is an AI-powered application that captures and records everything you??ve seen on your Mac and iPhone, allowing you to search and retrieve information easily.

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how to use:
To use Rewind, simply download and install the app on your Mac and iPhone. It does not require any integrations with other services. Once installed, Rewind will automatically capture and record your activities on both devices, creating a searchable database. You can browse, search, and ask Rewind’s AI assistant for assistance in finding information.
Core freatures:
Automatic capture of activities on Mac and iPhonePrivate and searchable databaseMeeting automation with note-taking and human-level summariesBackup of all activities to prevent data lossPersonal AI assistant for tasks and information retrieval
Use case:

Executives: Stay organized, retrieve important information quickly, and automate note-taking in meetings

Engineering: Backup and recall lost work, leverage AI for research and efficient communication

Sales: Improve productivity with automated summaries and efficient retrieval of customer information

ADHD: Stay focused on tasks by delegating note-taking and information retrieval to Rewind’s AI assistant.

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