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Quinvio is an AI-powered presentation creation tool that allows users to quickly and easily create professional presentations without wasting time on ideation, copywriting, and styling. By simply reading the script, Quinvio’s AI takes care of all the details, allowing users to focus on their content.

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how to use:
To use Quinvio, follow these steps:
1. Brainstorm and write down your thoughts on the content you intend to present.
2. Use Quinvio’s AI to generate a script based on your ideas.
3. Proofread and change your text in the appropriate style for your presentation goals.
4. Choose from different templates to style your presentation.
5. Optionally, select an AI presenter, pick voice styles, speaking speeds, and personalised punctuation.
6. Generate your presentation in a matter of seconds without the need for recording, cameras, or microphones.
Core freatures:
AI-powered presentation creationAutomated copywritingConsistent styling with branding colorsAI avatars for narrationVoiceover options in different languagesVarious templates for business needs
Use case:

Convert your product website into a video presentation in a click

Summarize blog content

Streamline from integrations

FAQ list:
What does Quinvio do? How do I use Quinvio? What are the core features of Quinvio? What are some use cases for Quinvio?


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