Movmi: AI-Powered Motion Capture.

Movmi is a human AI-powered motion capture software that allows 3D animators to create animations from videos without the need for special suits or hardware. It uses advanced AI algorithms and computer vision technology to estimate human 3D motion from 2D media content.

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how to use:
To use Movmi, you can download the software version 2.1.1 or access the web app. The capturing process runs on the cloud, so you don’t need high-end devices. You can use media shots from any camera, starting from smartphones to professional cameras, in any lifestyle scene. Movmi supports scenes with multiple humans and offers different armature options. You can also browse and download 3D character models from the Movmi Store to use in your animations. The output FBX file can be used in any 3D environment.
Core freatures:
AI-powered motion captureCloud computing for capturing processSupports multiple humans in scenesSupports different armature optionsBrowse and download full textured characters from Movmi StoreExplore full-body character animationOutput FBX file for use in 3D environments
Use case:

3D animation development

Humanoid motion capture

Creating animations from 2D media data

Cartoon, fantasy, and CG projects

Saving time during animation projects

FAQ list:
What is Movmi? How do I use Movmi? What are the core features of Movmi? What are the use cases of Movmi?


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