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Proposal Genie is a SaaS platform that uses AI to help freelancers create customized, professional-looking proposals quickly and efficiently. It optimizes proposals to increase chances of winning jobs on platforms like Upwork and, saving freelancers time and helping them secure more projects.

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how to use:
To use Proposal Genie, simply add your profile details and copy the job spec you’re applying for. Click the ‘Generate’ button, and Proposal Genie will automatically create a tailored proposal for you. Customize the proposal to fit the job requirements, and submit it. Proposal Genie also offers an AI Cover Letter Generator for job applications, where you can say goodbye to hours of writing and revising, and say hello to a customized cover letter that reflects your unique skills and experience, all in just seconds.
Core freatures:
Automated Proposal GenerationCustomization OptionsComprehensive DashboardExpert FeedbackAdvanced AI AlgorithmsEasy-to-Use InterfaceAutomated ProcessesComprehensive Database of Skills & ExperienceCustomizable Templates
Use case:

Social Media Marketing

Lead Generation

Web Programming

Email Communication

Answering Product Questions

Administrative Support

B2B Marketing

Email Marketing


Graphic Design

FAQ list:
What is Proposal Genie? How does Proposal Genie work? Who can use Proposal Genie? What are the benefits of using Proposal Genie? How much does Proposal Genie cost? Is my data secure when using Proposal Genie? How can I cancel my Proposal Genie subscription? Do I need technical knowledge to use Proposal Genie? Can I customize the generated proposal further?


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