FloatChat is an AI chatbot software designed for businesses to enhance customer experience and streamline communication. It allows businesses to have human-like discussions with customers, providing prompt and accurate responses to inquiries.

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how to use:
To use FloatChat, businesses can sign up for a free 14-day trial without the need for a credit card. After signing up, users can explore various features and integrations offered by FloatChat, such as WhatsApp, MS Teams, Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, Slack, Skype, WordPress, Telegram, and more. FloatChat provides an easy-to-use visual builder, dynamic responses, marketing tools, sales analytics, government and enterprise features, as well as healthcare solutions. With FloatChat, businesses can create interactive chatbots, streamline customer support, boost leads, and drive revenue.
Core freatures:
Artificial Intelligence SupportDynamic ResponsesMarketing Visual BuilderSales AnalyticsGovernment ConnectEducation BenefitsEnterprise FeaturesHealthcare SolutionsIntegrations with WhatsApp, MS Teams, Messenger, WeChat, Instagram, Slack, Skype, WordPress, Telegram, and moreHelpDesk integrationTemplates for various use casesComprehensive tutorials and best practicesManagement TeamBlog with tips on using FloatChatContact Us for support or inquiries
Use case:

Maximize business potential through interactive channels like WhatsApp and Facebook

Build relationships with customers

Boost leads and drive revenue

Provide a flawless customer experience through prompt and helpful responses

Improve brand image and strengthen relationships with customers

Efficiently manage customer interactions and inquiries

Automate repetitive tasks

Improve collaboration and productivity

Streamline helpdesk operations

Enhance customer support within long hours of work

Increase sales conversion rate

Personalize customer experiences

Create and qualify leads automatically

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