CodeComplete AI

CodeComplete is an AI coding assistant specifically designed for enterprise use. It can be self-hosted on either a cloud or on-premises server to ensure data security and protect intellectual property. The assistant is fine-tuned to match your codebase and coding style, seamlessly integrating into your developer workflow. It is trained on permissively-licensed repositories to avoid any legal risks.

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how to use:
To use CodeComplete, simply set up the AI assistant on your preferred hosting environment. Fine-tune it to match your codebase and coding style by providing relevant documentation and examples. Once integrated, CodeComplete will analyze your code and provide intelligent suggestions, anticipate errors, and offer optimized code snippets to speed up development.
Core freatures:
Self-hosted AI coding assistantFine-tuned to codebase and coding styleIntegration into developer workflowPermissively licensed training dataCode analysisIntelligent suggestionsError anticipationOptimized code snippets
Use case:

Enhancing developer productivity

Accelerating code development

Improving code quality

Reducing development time

Enabling consistent coding standards

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