PlayHT is an AI Voice Generator platform that uses advanced technology to convert text into realistic, humanlike voices. With over 600 AI voices available in 142 languages and accents, PlayHT offers a wide range of features and use cases for creating engaging and professional voice content. Explore the core features, use cases, and how to use the platform effectively below.

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how to use:

Core freatures:

AI voiceovers for videos

Audio publishing and storytelling

Conversational AI for chatbots and assistants

Custom voice creation

E-learning and training material

Podcasts and audiobooks

Gaming pre-production voice acting

IVR systems automation

Translation and dubbing

Voice accessibility for assistive devices and applications

Use case:

AI voice generator

text to speech

voice generator

text to voice

speech synthesizer

text to mp3

free text to speech

text to audio

FAQ list:


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