QuizWhiz is an AI-powered app that generates Multiple-choice Questions and Answers from a given body of text. It is designed to assist teachers in creating quizzes and exams for their students.

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how to use:
To use QuizWhiz, simply provide the text either as Input Text or upload a PDF file. The app will then generate MCQs along with their corresponding options. Teachers can use these questions to assess their students’ knowledge and understanding of the text.
Core freatures:
AI-powered MCQ generationText input or PDF file uploadMultiple-choice questions and answersOption to customize the number of runs
Use case:

Create quizzes and exams for students

Assess students’ comprehension of a given text

Save time in question creation

FAQ list:
What is meant by a ‘run’? What is the maximum input size that the app can process? What languages are supported? Is there an API available? For feedback and queries, how can I contact QuizWhiz?


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