is a search engine powered by chatGPT and Google, designed specifically for parents. It aims to empower parents by providing better search results and saving time.

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how to use:
To use, simply enter your question or search query in the search bar. You can ask questions about various topics such as parenting, school, work, travel, and more. combines the AI power of chatGPT to provide answers to your questions and the top search results from Google. It is recommended to add context to your questions and be clear, concise, and specific for better results. You can also explore the Recent Searches section for inspiration.
Core freatures:
Real-time chatGPT integrationCombination of chatGPT and Google resultsSimple and easy-to-use interfaceFlexible usage on the web and WhatsApp (coming soon)
Use case:

Get recommendations and ideas

Research any subject

Plan meals, trips, and workouts

Help children with homework

Create marketing and social content

Boost daily productivity

And many more…

FAQ list:


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