Outerbase is an interface for your database that allows you to view, update, and visualize your data collaboratively without needing to be a database expert. It is like Figma for data, making data exploration and collaboration easy.

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how to use:
To use Outerbase, sign up for free and connect your preferred database. Then, you can easily view your data, create queries, edit data in-line like a spreadsheet, organize SQL queries, and share queries with your team. The autocomplete feature helps developers quickly select schemas, tables, columns, and more. Outerbase also allows you to create stunning dashboards with beautiful charts and customizable visualizations.
Core freatures:
View, update, and visualize data collaborativelyNo SQL expertise requiredCreate queries, columns, rows, tables, and schemas without writing SQLEdit data in-line and collaboratively like a spreadsheetOrganize SQL queries in one placeShare queries with team membersConnects to popular databasesAutocomplete feature for quick selection of schemas, tables, columns, etc.Intuitive user interface with tabs for reducing context-switchingSupport for complex data types like JSON, timestamps, and ENUMsEmbed variables for powerful and flexible queriesGenerate beautiful charts and dashboards without writing SQLCustomizable charts with different types (bars, lines, pies, etc.)Ability to present data with embeddable charts (coming soon)Automatically generate tailored dashboards with templates (coming soon)
Use case:

Data exploration

Data collaboration

Data visualization

Querying databases without SQL

Creating and sharing queries with teams

Creating stunning dashboards for data analysis

FAQ list:


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