GRID 2.0

GRID is a smart spreadsheet surface that syncs with and visualizes data from spreadsheets and databases. It provides a familiar spreadsheet interface with powerful integrations for Notion and Airtable.

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how to use:
To use GRID, start by building or connecting a spreadsheet or data source. Then, select the data you want to visualize and add interactivity using the built-in spreadsheet editor. GRID allows you to combine data from different sources into one chart and embed your work in websites or internal wikis.
Core freatures:
Syncs with and visualizes data from spreadsheets and databasesBuilt-in spreadsheet editor with familiar formulasPowerful integrations for Notion and AirtableInteractive projections and visualizationsCombine data from different sources into one chartEmbed work in websites and internal wikisAI Formula Assistant for instant formula suggestionsAI Chart Assistant for smart chart help
Use case:

Building powerful business calculators

Creating dynamic financial models

Building interactive reports and dashboards for marketing and sales

Analyzing campaign performance and tracking KPIs

Creating interactive financial reports

Forecasting and projecting revenue

Presenting data beautifully

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