Omnisearch is a groundbreaking search product that allows you to make all the content on your site searchable, including audio/video, text, documents, and presentations. It offers a seamless learning experience by improving user satisfaction and increasing revenue from your online courses.

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how to use:
To use Omnisearch, simply install the application on your Thinkific courses and select the data you want to ingest. Next, Omnisearch will process and index the content. Once the content is indexed, you can search for specific terms and Omnisearch will show you where those terms exist in your content.
Core freatures:
Searches all types of content, including audio/video, text, documents, and presentationsSupports various file types, such as PDFs, Word docs, images, audio files, and moreAI-powered machine learning technology for content extractionEnables transcription of video recordings into subtitlesSeamless integration with Thinkific to make course content fully searchableQuick and easy installation processSupports multiple languages
Use case:

Improve user experience and satisfaction on online courses

Enhance search functionality for databases and educational centers

Enable quick navigation and keyword search within video content

Facilitate keyword and reference search within detailed documentation or course materials

FAQ list:
What types of content can be searched using Omnisearch? How long does it take to implement Omnisearch? Can I transcribe video recordings into subtitles using Omnisearch? What languages does Omnisearch support? Can I make my course content fully searchable on Thinkific?


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