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Venturefy is a platform that leverages artificial intelligence to provide a public wiki of verified corporate relationships. It enables businesses to quickly identify new opportunities, build trust, and accelerate growth.

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how to use:
To use Venturefy, simply search and explore verified relationship listings for the world’s corporations. You can verify whether corporate relationships really exist by navigating to any company’s Venturefy profile and viewing dedicated relationship listings. Additionally, you can instantly discover the verification status of any relationship, whether it is suggested, unverified, or verified. You can also use the info button on any suggested relationship to navigate directly to the source where the listed relationship was referenced on the web. Venturefy also offers AI-driven relationship mapping technology to visualize entire business ecosystems and uncover growth opportunities with zero onboarding effort. You can monitor evolving business relationships with ease using the Venturefy news feed.
Core freatures:
Verified corporate relationship listingsInstant verification status of relationshipsNavigation to the source of relationship mentionsAI-driven relationship mapping technologyMonitoring evolving business relationships through the news feed
Use case:

Identifying new opportunities

Building trust

Accelerating growth

Visualizing business ecosystems

Monitoring evolving corporate relationships

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