mymind is a private extension for your mind, providing a secure place to save your most precious notes, images, quotes, and highlights. It utilizes artificial intelligence to help you remember without the need for categorizing and organizing.

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how to use:
To use mymind, simply save anything you want to remember with a click. The AI technology takes care of organizing and categorizing your content for you. You can search for your saved items using color, keyword, brand, date, or any other detail that comes to mind. mymind also allows you to read entire articles without distractions and create Smart Spaces that automatically sort your saved items based on your preferences.
Core freatures:
Save and organize notes, images, quotes, and highlights in one placeAI-driven organization of content without the need for manual categorizationSearch functionality by color, keyword, brand, date, etc.Read entire articles without distractionsCreate Smart Spaces for automatic sorting of saved items
Use case:

Marketers: Save and find quotes and highlights that inspire you

Designers: Create instant, boundless visual moodboards

Writers: Write without distractions and easily expand on ideas

Researchers: Collect all your research and references in one place

Developers: Use it as your private resource and reference hub

Everyone: A place for everything you want to remember

FAQ list:
What is mymind? How does mymind work? What are the core features of mymind? What are some use cases for mymind? How much does mymind cost?


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