MobileGPT is a revolutionary WhatsApp application that integrates the advanced capabilities of the GPT-4 engine to provide users with a personal AI assistant directly on their mobile devices. MobileGPT offers seamless AI conversations similar to ChatGPT, AI-generated images, AI-crafted documents in Word format, and advanced language translations. By bringing these powerful AI features to WhatsApp, MobileGPT aims to transform the way users communicate, create, and collaborate on-the-go, enhancing their overall messaging experience.

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how to use:
To use MobileGPT, simply install the application on your mobile device and connect it to your WhatsApp account. Once installed, you can start chatting with the AI assistant by sending messages as you would in any regular conversation. You can ask questions, request AI-generated content, create documents, and more. MobileGPT will process your inputs and generate appropriate responses or outputs based on the advanced capabilities of the GPT-4 engine.
Core freatures:
Seamless AI conversations powered by GPT-4 engineAI-generated images and artworkAI-crafted documents in Word formatAdvanced language translationsTalk to PDF feature for document analysis and interactionInteract with website content using ‘ekse’ commandGenerate full business plans and other custom documentsReal-time internet research and report generationMagic Commands for convenient access to informationAI-powered notes, reminders, and productivity tools
Use case:

Chat with MobileGPT as your smart best friend for information, translations, math, and more

Generate AI documents, including resumes, letters, reports, and business plans

Interact with PDF documents and extract specific information

Create AI-powered chatbots to gain insights from websites

Use MobileGPT for real-time internet research and report compilation

Get AI-generated images and artwork in various styles and ratios

Enhance productivity with note-taking, reminders, and talk-to-website functionalities

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