Midjourney Splitter

Midjourney Grid Splitter is a free online tool that allows you to split your Midjourney Grid into individual images. It is not affiliated with Midjourney and ensures your privacy by deleting the uploaded images from the server after 24 hours.

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how to use:
To split your Midjourney Grid, you can either paste or upload the image grid on the website. Once the grid is selected, click on the ‘Split image’ button. The MJSplitter tool will then split the grid into separate images. You can download these images in JPEG format and save them to your computer. You can also share your split images on social media platforms.
Core freatures:
Free tool for splitting Midjourney GridOption to paste or upload image gridSplit images into single imagesDownload and save split images in JPEG formatSocial media sharing capabilitiesAutomatic deletion of uploaded images after 24 hours for privacy
Use case:

Creating individual images from a Midjourney Grid for personal use

Sharing split images on social media to showcase different parts of the grid

Enhancing the visual appeal and organization of Midjourney Grids

FAQ list:


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