macOS GPT-LLM Playground is a native Mac IDE designed specifically for Prompt Engineering with Time Travel. It offers Versioning, Full-Text Search, Multi-Model support, Combinatorial Runs, Variants, Model-Cost Aware features, API integration, Token Stats, Custom Endpoints, Local Models, Tables, Syntax highlighting, LaTeX support, Notes Export, Shortcuts, Vim Mode, and a Sandbox environment. It is built with Cocoa, SwiftUI, and SQLite.

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how to use:
To use macOS GPT-LLM Playground, simply download it on macOS 13+ and install it on your machine. Launch the IDE and start exploring its various features. You can create and manage prompts, navigate through Time Travel to review and modify previous versions of your work, utilize Full-Text Search to find specific content, experiment with Multi-Model combinations, analyze Token Stats, customize API endpoints, work with local models and tables, write code with syntax highlighting or LaTeX support, export notes, use shortcuts for faster navigation, enable Vim Mode for familiar editing experience, and ensure privacy and security with the sandbox environment. For any assistance or feedback, there is a dedicated Support & Feedback section.
Core freatures:
Prompt EngineeringTime TravelVersioningFull-Text SearchMulti-Model SupportCombinatorial RunsVariantsModel-Cost AwareAPI IntegrationToken StatsCustom EndpointsLocal ModelsTablesSyntax HighlightingLaTeX SupportNotes ExportShortcutsVim ModeSandbox environment
Use case:

Prompt engineering and experimentation

Development and modification of prompts leveraging Time Travel

Efficient content search with Full-Text Search

Model combination exploration with Multi-Model support

Analysis and optimization of model costs using Model-Cost Aware features

Integration of APIs and customization of endpoints

Analyzing Token Stats and usage patterns

Working with local models and tables

Writing code with syntax highlighting and LaTeX support

Exporting notes for documentation or sharing purposes

Increased productivity with shortcuts and Vim Mode

Ensuring privacy and security within the sandbox environment

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