is a fluffy email assistant that allows you to easily manage and collaborate on emails with the help of artificial intelligence. It can summarize long emails, facilitate content collaboration, and provide brainstorming support. It is accessible via email from anywhere and at any time.

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how to use:
To use, simply start a conversation by sending an email to You can forward long emails to to receive a summarized version with key points and relevant links. also allows for easy collaboration on threads and documents by forwarding them to the assistant. All your conversations are saved in your inbox, searchable, and organized by email threads for convenience.
Core freatures:
Email conversation with AI assistantSummarization of long emails while preserving key pointsEasy collaboration on threads and documentsAccessibility via email from anywhereNo need to install apps or browser pluginsPrivacy-focused with no data being remembered by the AI modelConversations saved in your inbox for future reference
Use case:

Summarizing lengthy professional emails

Collaborating with team members on content creation

Brainstorming new ideas

Managing and organizing email conversations

Convenient access to email assistance from anywhere

FAQ list:
What is How do I use What are the core features of What are some use cases for What is the pricing for Is my data safe with How can I contact support for


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