Linguix is a free writing assistant that offers tools and features to improve the efficiency and quality of your content. It includes AI-based grammar and spell check, text rewriter, content scoring, style guides, and team management capabilities. Linguix supports multiple languages and can help users in various business and learning tasks, from crafting emails to writing final papers.

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how to use:
To use Linguix, simply write or paste your content into the Writing Assistant tool on the website. Linguix will automatically detect the language and generate suggestions to improve your writing in real-time. You can also install the browser extension to check your writing on various platforms like Gmail, Google Docs, and Additionally, Linguix offers team management features, performance stats, and error counts for collaborative writing.
Core freatures:
Multilingual grammar and spell checkAI-based writing assistantText rewriterContent scoringStyle guidesTeam management
Use case:

Crafting emails

Writing final papers

Improving content quality

Creating clear and efficient messages

Boosting team communications

Creating compelling sales intro messages and proposals

Improving marketing content and reaching the right audience

Enhancing customer support communication and response time

FAQ list:
What languages does Linguix support? How can Linguix help my team with writing? Can Linguix be used to improve writing skills? What are the advantages of using Linguix for businesses? How does Linguix help with team management?


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