InfraNodus is a network analysis and visualization tool for text mining, topic modeling, data analysis, and structural gap detection. It uses AI and network thinking to generate insights from text and improve perspective.

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how to use:
To use InfraNodus, you can add any text or data using the live editor or by importing files from various sources. The tool will then generate a network graph from the text, showing the connections between words and their co-occurrences. You can explore the graph to discover the main topics, gaps in ideas, and generate insights using the built-in AI model.
Core freatures:
InfraNodus offers several core features, including AI-assisted thinking and insight generation, mind mapping, brainstorming, knowledge graphs, introspection, self-reflection, market research, customer reviews analysis, SEO, text visualization, data analysis, and more. It supports text mining, topic modeling, and data visualization for big data analysis.
Use case:

AI-assisted thinking and insight generation

Market research

Customer reviews analysis

Search Engine Optimization

Qualitative research and thematic analysis

Innovation and trend research

Text visualization and analysis

Creative writing and brainstorming

FAQ list:
What is InfraNodus? How do I use InfraNodus? What are the core features of InfraNodus? What are some use cases for InfraNodus? What is the pricing for InfraNodus?


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