HARPA AI is a powerful Google Chrome extension that combines a hybrid AI engine with web automation capabilities. It brings AI to your browser, allowing you to chat with websites, PDFs, videos, and automate various tasks. With HARPA, you can write emails, generate SEO articles and tweets, summarize and monitor web pages, extract data, and much more.

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how to use:

Core freatures:

Write emails, tweets, LinkedIn cover letters, and SEO-optimized articles

Generate long articles with keyword refinement

Practice languages, generate SMM hashtags, and write code

Marketing and SEO tasks, such as audience segmentation, keyword research, and content calendars

Copywriting for various types of content, including tweets, YouTube video scripts, and Amazon descriptions

Improve resumes, write LinkedIn replies, and generate Upwork cover letters

Product development tasks like writing and inspecting code, answering Stackoverflow questions, and rewriting code

Get instant help with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel formulas, and generate macros

Automate web tasks with AI-powered web automations

Monitor competitor websites for changes

Perform SEO audit, extract SEO keywords, and outrank articles

Get price drop and back-in-stock alerts for products on e-commerce websites

Automate websites monitoring and trigger custom webhooks

Use case:

AI-powered web automation

Chrome extension


Google Search

ChatGPT writer

summarize web pages

rewrite text

extract data

monitor web pages

monitor prices

Bing AI alternative

Notion AI alternative

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