Alpaca is a personalized AI toolkit designed to help artists explore further, iterate faster, and amplify their creative potential. It is a Photoshop plugin that combines AI image generation power with human skill.

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how to use:
To use Alpaca, artists need to install the plugin in Adobe Photoshop. Once installed, they can access various AI tools such as sketch to image rendering, sketch transfer, filling images, imagining depth, and upscaling. Artists can bring their own sketches to life, explore infinite variations of their ideas, and quickly refine concepts through rapid iterations.
Core freatures:
Sketch to image renderingSketch transferFilling imagesImagining depthUpscalingGenerate texture mapsExpand scenesTransform stylesCustom stylized modelGeneral Alpaca model
Use case:

Bring sketches to life

Experiment with style and composition

Generate texture maps and expand scenes

Transform ideas into unique artwork

Leverage personalized AI modeling

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