UNIQR is a website that allows users to turn any image into QR codes. Users can upload logos, selfies, animals, or food images in jpg, png, or gif format. The website provides an Image-to-QR editor that weaves images into QR codes with unprecedented clarity.

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how to use:
To use UNIQR, simply upload the image you want to turn into a QR code. The website will then generate a QR code based on the uploaded image. Users can customize the color scheme and style of the QR code. The generated QR codes are free of watermark and branding, and they never expire. Users can then download the QR code and use it for various purposes such as marketing, branding, or sharing information.
Core freatures:
Turn any image into QR codesUpload logos, selfies, animals, foodCustomize color scheme and styleQR codes never expireFree of watermark and branding
Use case:

Boost brand with stunning photographic QR codes

Attract more scans and engage with customers or audience

Share information, promotions, or social media profiles

Enhance marketing and branding materials

Create unique and memorable designs for business cards, flyers, etc.

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