FileGPT is a powerful GPT-AI designed for creating a custom knowledge base. It allows users to chat with various types of files using natural language and get quick and accurate responses. With FileGPT, you can easily access and interact with your documents, audio, videos, YouTube, and webpages without the need for endless scrolling and searching.

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how to use:
Using FileGPT is simple. Just upload your files, including PDFs, DOCs, TXTs, audios, YouTube links, and webpages, to the platform. Once uploaded, you can chat with the files using natural language queries. FileGPT will process your queries and provide prompt and accurate responses. You can also extract text from handwritten documents, analyze audio and video content, and perform cross-source querying to get answers from multiple files at once.
Core freatures:
FileGPT offers several core features to enhance your workflow:

1. Chat with Everything: Interact with files, audio, videos, YouTube, and webpages using natural language queries.
2. Multi Format Support: Work with various file formats such as PDFs, DOCs, TXTs, audios, YouTube links, and webpages.
3. Long Text Support: FileGPT can handle large files and long texts without any issues.
4. Smart Content Parsing: Extract text from handwritten documents and analyze audio and video content.
5. Cross-Source Querying: Easily query multiple files at once by selecting sources and asking questions.
6. Affordable Technology: Upgrade your workflow with a cost-effective solution.
Use case:

FileGPT is beneficial for a wide range of use cases such as:

1. Research: Quickly find information and extract relevant content from research papers, articles, and webpages.
2. Content Creation: Generate ideas, gather information, and receive assistance in creating written content.
3. Data Analysis: Analyze large amounts of text data, extract valuable insights, and perform linguistic research.
4. Learning and Education: Receive automated assistance in studying, gathering information, and analyzing educational resources.
5. Business Documentation: Easily search, extract, and summarize information from business documents, contracts, and reports.

FAQ list:
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