Daft Art

Daft Art is a premium AI album cover maker that allows users to create amazing and high-quality artwork for their album or track covers within a few minutes. It provides a simple editor and curated aesthetics to enhance the user’s experience.

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how to use:
1. Login to Daft Art.
2. Select the ‘Create Now’ option.
3. Use the simple visual editor to customize your album cover.
4. Browse through the curated aesthetics to find the right vibe for your music.
5. Add your album title and artist name using the customizable options.
6. Play with the font, colors, and style to match the overall vibe.
7. Download the cover in high resolution (3000x3000px) and the correct aspect ratio.
8. Your album cover is now ready to be uploaded to all distribution and streaming platforms!
Core freatures:
Curated aestheticsSimple visual editorCustomizable optionsHigh-resolution downloadsCompatible with distribution platforms
Use case:

Creating album covers

Designing track covers

Enhancing the visual appeal of music releases

FAQ list:


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