Context is an AI-powered audio and video chatbot platform that offers services for software communities.

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how to use:
To use Context, simply browse the available chatbots on the website and select the desired bot. You can then initiate a conversation with the chatbot using audio or video features.
Core freatures:
The core features of Context include AI-powered chatbots, audio and video communication capabilities, browsing and selecting bots, and contacting the support team.
Use case:

Context can be used for various purposes, such as software community support, accessing educational content from experts like Tony Robbins and Jordan B. Peterson, listening to podcasts like The Lex Fridman Podcast and The Making Sense Podcast, and gaining insights from professionals like Tim Ferriss.

FAQ list:
What can I do on the Context platform? How can I start a conversation with a chatbot on Context? What are the core features of Context? What are the use cases of Context?


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