EchoScribe is a Telegram bot that automatically transcribes voice notes and video notes to plain text. Powered by Fruition, it offers a convenient solution for converting audio and video content into easily readable text.

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how to use:
Using EchoScribe is simple. Add the bot to your Telegram contacts and start a conversation with it. Send a voice note or video note to the bot, and it will promptly transcribe the content into plain text. The transcription will be sent back to you as a message in Telegram.
Core freatures:
Automatic transcription of voice notesAutomatic transcription of video notesConversion of audio and video content to plain textConvenient transcription services directly in Telegram
Use case:

Students can transcribe lectures for easy note-taking

Journalists can transcribe interviews for accurate reporting

Business professionals can transcribe meetings for reference and documentation

Content creators can transcribe videos for captions and SEO purposes

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