ContentFries is a special content repurposing app that allows you to turn your videos into weeks of crispy and engaging content. With this app, you can create bite-sized content quickly and easily, helping you build a bigger audience and stronger brand.

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how to use:
To use ContentFries, simply sign up for an account and login. Drag and drop your long-form videos into the app and use the drag and drop feature to chop out content pieces. You can turn videos into audios and vice versa, reach more people by transforming your content into different formats, and add subtitles, captions, progress bars, and other elements to your videos. The app offers powerful templates, automatic video resizer, catchy headlines, fast bulk exports, and much more to make your content creation process efficient and effective.
Core freatures:
Repurpose long-form videos into bite-sized contentGenerate transcriptions and subtitles with high accuracyKeep content contextual to different platformsCreate engaging videos using templates and stock media libraryAdd subtitles, captions, progress bars, and other elements to videosExport multiple videos at once via cloudAutomatically add intros and outros to videosRemove silent parts and filler words from videos
Use case:

Multiply content from long-form audios/videos for social media

Create engaging bite-sized content from podcasts, live streams, webinars, interviews, etc.

Attract more super fans on social media with amazing content pieces

Publish video transcripts as blog posts for improved accessibility

Enhance brand consistency and engagement across multiple platforms

FAQ list:
What platforms are supported for content repurposing? Can I add subtitles and captions to my videos? Can I export multiple videos at once? Does ContentFries offer templates for video creation? Can I remove silent parts and filler words from my videos?


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