Chart is a communication management tool that helps companies control and analyze their internal and external communications in real time. It allows users to monitor, rewrite, and block communications across various platforms, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer-facing interactions.

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how to use:
To use Chart, first sign up for a free trial. Once registered, you can integrate all your communication channels such as email, Slack, and SMS into the Chart dashboard. From there, you can create autonomous rules to monitor and manage your communications. These rules can block or rewrite specific parts of your messages as needed. Chart deploys in a private, isolated cloud instance that you fully control, ensuring maximum security.
Core freatures:
Real-time monitoring and analysis of internal and external communicationsAutonomous rules to block, rewrite, or analyze messagesSecure deployment in a private, isolated cloud instanceIntegration of all communication channelsPrevention of sensitive data exposureEnhancement of customer-facing communicationsGeneration of analytics from company-wide conversations
Use case:

Ensuring compliance by monitoring employee communication

Gaining insights from overall conversation trends

Preventing sensitive data leakage

Providing real-time advice to salespeople on approaching leads

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