SolveCube is a workforce solutions platform that allows businesses to hire expert CXOs and full-time/part-time teams on demand. It provides access to a curated talent pool of domain experts and offers AI-enhanced matchmaking for easy decision-making.

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how to use:
To use SolveCube, follow these steps:
1. For Experts:
– Enroll as an expert by following the provided instructions.
– Complete your profile and provide relevant information about your skills and expertise.
– Wait for client inquiries and project opportunities.
– Once matched with a project, engage with clients and deliver the required services.

2. For Companies:
– Create a free account on SolveCube.
– Choose the service you need, such as hiring an expert full-time, part-time, or on a turnkey basis.
– Post your requirements by uploading a job profile and answering simple questions.
– Select an expert from the curated and verified matches provided.
– Engage with the expert and proceed with the project.
Core freatures:
SolveCube offers the following core features:
– AI-rich marketplace platform for workforce solutions
– Access to a curated talent inventory with over 480M+ domain experts
– Ability to hire experts and entire teams on-demand
– Expertise in various domains, including human capital management, business process re-engineering, technology, finance, risk, compliance, and more
– AIML aggregator platform services with expert relationship manager support
– AIML and NLP-enabled engine for skill-to-task matching
– Range of products and toolkits for HR diagnostic and people practices
– Ninja teams available for turnkey projects

Use case:

SolveCube can be used for the following purposes:
1. Independent domain experts on demand:
– Hire experts for short term, part-time, interim, or turnkey roles.
– Suitable for various project durations, from 4 weeks to 2 years.
– Access to CXO minus 3 domain experts in multiple domains and geographies.

2. Permanent hiring on your payroll:
– Hire junior to mid-level domain specialists or senior to top-level domain management experts.
– Expertise available in Asia & GCC regions across multiple domains.

3. Staffing solutions (not on your payroll):
– Hire experts on contract for short to medium-term durations.
– Focus on Asia-focused staffing solutions.

4. Turnkey projects:
– Engage ninja teams on-demand for turnkey projects in banking, technology, and HR domains.

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