Algae is a platform that allows you to invest simply in real estate. It offers a selection of different types of real estate investments, all certified by Algae. With Algae, real estate becomes liquid, allowing you to easily buy and sell investment opportunities.

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how to use:
To use Algae, you need to sign up for a free account. Once registered, you will be notified of upcoming investment opportunities. You can then choose to invest in the available deals by purchasing shares according to your budget and Algae balance. After investing, you can track and manage your investments through the Algae web and mobile application.
Core freatures:
Invest in real estate with as little as ?10Access to the best real estate investment opportunitiesInvest in traditional or crypto-currenciesSecure investments through blockchain tokenizationAutomatic collection of generated gainsEasy buying and selling of investment sharesTransparent fees: 5% for acquisition, management, and resale
Use case:

Individuals looking to diversify and secure their real estate portfolio

Freelancers and individuals with limited access to traditional credit financing

Digital nomads seeking stable real estate investments through blockchain technology

FAQ list:
How long do I have to wait before withdrawing my investment? Are the investment projects reliable? Will I be taxed on the profits from my investments? What are the advantages of real estate tokenization?


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