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Apace Forms is an AI-powered platform that automates the contract lifecycle for real estate professionals, eliminating repetition, errors, and burnout costs. It helps speed up deal closures and allows professionals to work from anywhere.

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how to use:
1. Build dynamic contract templates that auto-populate up to 80% of contract data instantly.
2. Easily prepare forms from any device.
3. Get legally binding digital signatures from anyone, anywhere.
4. Automate and track your contract lifecycle.
5. Monitor contract statuses in real-time.
6. Keep deal specifics organized and share call-outs with team members.
Core freatures:
Dynamic contract templates with auto-completion of contract dataLegally binding digital signatures from anywhereContract management and tracking in real-timeIndustry-standard data encryption for privacy and securityOrganized deal specifics and follow-ups
Use case:

Real estate professionals who want to close deals faster and increase their chances of winning

Professionals looking to eliminate repetition and human errors in contract preparation

Individuals who want a centralized contract lifecycle management system that is accessible from anywhere

Teams and individuals who value privacy and data security in their real estate transactions

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