is a free and user-friendly carousel maker and generator that allows you to easily create visually engaging carousels for social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok. It simplifies the process of crafting captivating carousels, even for non-designers, while also providing an AI writing assistant to help generate compelling content.

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how to use:
Using is fast and easy. Simply visit the website and start by pressing the ‘Create Carousel’ button. You can then choose a topic or enter existing content to let the AI write a captivating carousel for you. Edit the content as needed and customize your design using the user-friendly design platform. The tool offers features like auto-resize, predefined colors and fonts, fully customizable templates, and the ability to save and load custom presets. Once your carousel is ready, you can export it in high-quality formats for the platform of your choice.
Core freatures:
AI writing assistant to generate compelling carousel contentUser-friendly design platform for non-designersAuto-resize feature for perfect positioning and legible fontsPredefined colors and fonts for harmonious designsFully customizable templates to reflect your brandingSave and load custom presets for efficient future creationsSupport for LinkedIn, Instagram feeds, Instagram stories, and TikTok postsMost features are free to useVersatile and high-quality export options
Use case:

Boost your online presence with captivating carousels for social media

Create professional-looking carousels for business or personal purposes

Save time and effort by automating the creation process

Maintain a consistent visual identity across your social media platforms

Engage your audience and encourage interaction with visually appealing content

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