AI Store Manager

AI Store Manager is a personal AI assistant powered by GPT-4 that automates various tasks in your online store. It is designed to manage, optimize, and enhance your eCommerce business through conversational AI.

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how to use:
To use AI Store Manager, you can sign up for the beta version on their website. Once signed up, you can enable different skills for your assistant based on your store’s needs. Skills include analytics and reporting, products, orders, customers, store setup and optimization, and email and communications. The assistant works seamlessly with popular eCommerce platforms.
Core freatures:
Automates various tasks in your online storeRetrieves and displays store’s operational dataManages product catalog, orders, and customer informationSets up and optimizes store’s functionalitiesAnalyzes and responds to customer inquiries via email
Use case:

Generating reports and handling client relationships for B2B businesses

Managing inventory, tracking delivery, and facilitating customer engagement for B2C businesses

Navigating listings, updating orders, and providing customer support for C2C businesses

Supporting traditional manufacturers and private-label businesses

Serving recurring digital service or physical product providers

Assisting dropshipping businesses as intermediaries and resellers

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